Cabbage CHAKA F1

Cabbage CHAKA F1 is a real rising star in our portfolio! With great performances, this variety produce well-covered, round and well filled heads. It has high yield due it’s big heavy heads and excellent internal quality. Added values of the CHAKA F1 are resistances to Black Rot, Downey Mildew and Fusarium. It is easy to grow and has impressive field holding. Check the CHAKA F1 at GAL Seeds, our distributor in Kenya.

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Cabbage LANDINI F1

When it comes to basic, Cabbage LANDINI F1 is a stable variety you can count on. Big-size, round shaped green heads and good internal density are just some of its advantages. This variety have High yielding potential with good standing ability, which provides the grower flexibility at picking.  Cabbage LANDINI F1 is also available at Ethiopia – check it with our distributor GREENLIFE.  

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Thank You!

Thank you growers for feeding the world with healthy foods. Thank you logistic operators for a timely delivery & thank you retailers for always keeping the supplies. You are taking the daily risk to keep our fridges and pantries stocked. We are proud of you, now more than ever!
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Hazera Participates in the 2020 AFSTA Congress

AFSTA Congress

This year the AFSTA Congress (African Seeds Trading Association) held in Livingstone, Zambia, from the 2nd to the 5th of March, and attended by hundreds of delegates from numerous countries (both from Africa and worldwide). Hazera was
proud to once again participated in this Congress, as an exhibitor and member of AFSTA, alongside leading seeds companies, both international and African.

Hazera’s lovely booth will showcase our products which are particularly suitable for the African market. Our team will be headed by Jawdat Badawieh – Hazera’s Africa Commercial Director as well as Joram Wambugu – Africa Sales & PD Manager. Our
presence at this important annual Congress is a key component of our strategy to continue Hazera’s development and growth in East Africa, and advance activities and operations in West Africa.

The Congress is also an excellent opportunity to learn more about the markets, their needs and new consumer trends, as well as a great opportunity to welcome many local African visitors, including companies, dealers and farmers and to reinforce our
relations with them, and network with the local growers, customers and NGOs.

Great Success for Hazera at this Year’s AFSTA Congress 2019

This year the African Seed Trade Association (AFSTA) congress was held in Mombasa Kenya from March 4 to 7, where it was attended by hundreds of delegates from dozens of countries (both from Africa and worldwide). Hazera was proud to take part in the Congress, alongside leading international and African seeds companies, as an exhibitor and members of AFSTA.

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