Cabbage CHAKA F1

Cabbage CHAKA F1 is a real rising star in our portfolio! With great performances, this variety produce well-covered, round and well filled heads. It has high yield due it’s big heavy heads and excellent internal quality. Added values of the CHAKA F1 are resistances to Black Rot, Downey Mildew and Fusarium. It is easy to grow and has impressive field holding. Check the CHAKA F1 at GAL Seeds, our distributor in Kenya.

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Onion Russet F1

Onion RUSSET F1 is clearly one of the leaders in our Africa’s Onion portfolio. Those great pics of High Yield, great Quality and Uniform Harvest been sent to us from beautiful Tanzania. Please contact our distributor, Balton Tanzania, for more Hazera products, including Tomatoes GALILEA F1 and GALILEA IMPROVED F1.

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Cabbage LANDINI F1

When it comes to basic, Cabbage LANDINI F1 is a stable variety you can count on. Big-size, round shaped green heads and good internal density are just some of its advantages. This variety have High yielding potential with good standing ability, which provides the grower flexibility at picking.  Cabbage LANDINI F1 is also available at Ethiopia – check it with our distributor GREENLIFE.  

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Onion SIVAN F1 at Ethiopia – Very high yield potential with good performances in favored of the growers. Early maturity, Round top shape with Pink-red skins and delicious taste. Suitable for storage as well.  

Thanks to Tefera from GREENLIFE team for sharing those pics.

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